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What was the song called?

I have to say that this was one of the worst flashes here on NG : / This was not like ,,this is so crappy that it's funny'' This was just crappy...Exept for the one where some entered a nightclub and fucked Captain Falcon...I was wondering what the song was called... Can anyone tell me :)?

Gwahaha X D

Now that was hardcore! What a brilliant idea...A little pony attached to a jet pack and shoot's charged laz00rbemz :D BRILLIANT!

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Laughed so hard

Not really much of a Transformers fan :/ but i laughed my ass when i heard *What do you even transform into? More disapointment? X D cracked me up. Nice one :)

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Battosai810 responds:

Thanks, shame you're not more of a Transformers fan though :(

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It's calming effect...

I was in a terrible mod...Just terrible! I clicked this game thinking i would be mean and judge hard...But while playing i found this calm effect take over...The cuteness of the thing's you drew...The calming music...The animation was great...Such a great style...10/10 5/5..And thanks for making my day ^^

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Good game :)

Good game :) spent 3hours playing it :)

Like Mr.Frost said. That's the thing about bunnies...They breed like rabits.


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Well...Addicting game...I was doing my best using an archer and shoot ppl....I thought i would get an awsome score...but after like 6min of intense playing i got 1score....and i was called a hacker...and that i failed...That got me pritty pissed...It's like buying a movie ticket and hearing someone saing the end of it...You know...You get really mad... : / please fix that

other wise great game...

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There were tears...

This is such a beautiful song, calm,relaxing and emotional... 5/5 10/10 simply amazing :)

broove responds:

thank you for listening ;)

Good times.

Wow, this song reminds me of FF10 :P the best game I've played. Really good song m8 Gj

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mind numbing

Interesting song.. first part reminds me of *Silent Hill*

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10.000 years.

Even if I would draw constantly for 10.000 years I could never be as good as you.
Well done...

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